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    Something different!

    We love a challenge!

    The task at hand

    Last week Monkey Business hit the water at Sunshine Cove to do a pretty unique job. Our task was to cut the wooden bridge pylons to the required height to allow for the bridge construction. We don’t come by this sort of work often, however we love a good challenge.. something different! So, we brainstormed the best possible access and machinery to use in order to complete our task. Cranes were a possible option, however this would prove very costly for our client and upon exploring this option we found that the waterway was in fact too wide to access via crane.

    Our solution?

    We accessed the pylons by boat and individually climbed each post with spurs, attached large flotation buoys to the top of the pylon, cut the excess into the water and towed / floated it back to the boat ramp where we used our excavator with hydraulic tree grab attachment to remove the stumps for disposal.

    The boys of Monkey Business got to combine their passion for tree work and their love for the water, unfortunately no fishing though!

    Sometimes your job may not be as straight forward as you had hoped or the access is difficult, however we are master problem solvers. Contact us for your seemingly “impossible” works and we provide you with a solution. Our industry experience, capable machinery and equipment and ability to think “outside the box” allows us to provide a specialist tree service to our clients of the Sunshine Coast.

    Contact us today on 0415 142 911 for a free quotation or advice.

    Below are some photos from the job:


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    Insurance Works – Cyclone Debbie

    Cyclone DebbieShe was a high category 4 – a fierce spinning ball of fury, she tore roofs from houses, drove fence palings deep into the ground like daggers, ripped trees from the ground and smashed infrastructure like it were as brittle as eggshells. 

    Our team are currently based in the cyclone zone (North Queensland) with the necessary machinery required to undertake cleanup operations. The Monkey Business fleet consists of the following:-
    • 3 tip trucks
    • 1 crane (tipping) truck
    • 3 x commercial wood chippers (whole tree)
    • Cherry picker
    • 3.5 tonne excavator
    • Hydraulic stump grinder
    This enables us to complete all sized jobs, from domestic insurance works to large scale clean up activities.
    Monkey Business Tree Service specialize in insurance works and make safes. We played a key role in the recovery & cleanup operations for Cyclone Larry, Cyclone Yasi & Cyclone Marcia. We have forged strong partnerships with various large insurance repairers and are aware of the processes and systems in place when undertaking insurance works.

    Friendly & professional

    John and his team understand your family and your home are your biggest assets in life and following an unfortunate event, times are very stressful for you. We are happy to work with you and communicate regularly to ensure you understand the processes when undertaking insurance works. All insurance works are completed by our team of highly trained arborists and operators. This will give you peace of mind, whilst alleviating the risk of further damage to your property.
    We are available for emergency make-safe and insurance works should there be a tree on your house, tree on your shed, tree on fence or anything in between!
    We service the following areas and anywhere in between:- Bowen, Cannonvale, Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, Midge Point, and Mackay.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0415 142 911 if you require further information such as Safe Work Method Statements, insurance certificates etc.

    Insurance works – Cyclone Debbie



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    Thank you 2016

    Johnny and Izzy at back of truck

    Thank you 2016 – New & existing customers!

    We hope you had a great Christmas & New Year break with friends and family.

    This week we returned to ‘business as usual’ after a few weeks off to rest the bodies and get ready for the busy year ahead.

    To all new & existing customers, thank you for supporting local Sunshine Coast and family owned businesses.

    Some of the memorable events in 2016:-

    • Monkey Business developed exciting new relationships with various repairers & insurance companies.
    • Re-branding & marketing advancements: new logo’s, improved Facebook and even a brand new website.
    • Our young groundsman, Izaius graduated highschool in November & commenced full-time work immediately after schoolies.
    • We introduced a wicked new vehicle to our fleet (see picture below).
    • Our timber mill is functional. It’s a great feeling being able to re-use some of our byproduct whilst renovating our home.

    Please contact us or visit the about us page for a list of our services and further information about Monkey Business Tree Service.


               The bamboo forest, one of the larger jobs we undertook in 2016


    The newest addition to the Monkey Business fleet


    We are excited about milling our own timber for renovations at home


    Johnny & the team 
    Monkey Business Tree Service
    0415 142 911

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    How to reduce bushfire risk

    Bushfire: Cinnamon Park, Coolum

    Protect your family and your home from bushfires

    Over the last week on the Sunshine Coast we have been experiencing a heatwave with sometimes extreme UV ratings and NO rain! This has created the ‘perfect’ conditions for raging, out of control bushfires through the region. We commend the efforts of our dedicated Queensland Fire and Emergency Service for their tireless dedication to protecting the people and property in affected areas. Their commitment to reduce bushfire risk in our community has been nothing short of amazing.

    Between Thursday January 19th and Saturday January 21st a number of declarations were made regarding emergency situations by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) in the Coolum area. The declarations stated that out of control bushfires continued to burn throughout the region, breaking containment lines and possibly starting several spot fires up to four kilometers ahead of the fire front. Residents in a large area were asked to evacuate, leaving their home and hoping for the best.

    The Sunshine Coast Daily released a story following the Coolum fires. The Daily reported that “a firebreak Tony had insisted on creating when he bought the property five years ago proved to be the saviour for his family home as firies rushed in at the critical moments to protect the property.” You can view the article here.

    Tony GibsonPhoto Source: Sunshine Coast Daily
    Tony Gibson watches backburning around his Arcoona Rd property

    Reduce bushfire risk

    You can efficiently and effectively reduce bushfire risk in your home by following a few simple steps to protect your family and home. The QFES have released a campaign called Prepare Act Survive where they outline the importance of creating a bushfire survival plan and taking adequate preventative measures to prepare for bushfire season.

    Visit the Rural Fire Brigade website for extensive information about how you can better prepare yourself before bushfire season. They have simple tips and advice you can follow to ensure your families safety should unfortunate circumstances arise. Click here

    An unprepared property is a risk which must be addressed immediately to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


    • Reduce vegetation loads along the access path.
    • Mow your grass regularly.
    • Remove excess ground fuels and combustible material (long dry grass, dead leaves and branches).
    • Trim low-lying branches two metres from the ground surrounding your home.

    Arial imaging of the affected area following Coolum bushfire. Reduce bushfire risk at your home!

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    Bamboo takes over

    Bamboo takes over

    Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the WORLD with some of the larger species growing as high as 30 metres and gaining 92cm (35 inches) per day!!

    Recently Monkey Business Tree Service were contracted to remove excessive clusters of bamboo in a large residential block as it was literally taking over and obstructing neighbours views. Bamboo looks beautiful and is a great privacy screen, however many people quickly become aware of it’s ability to grow rapidly and spread like wildfire – soon taking over the entire space. We were advised this bamboo had already been removed and maintained on various occasions prior, leaving the running rhizomes and allowing the bamboo to return with a vengeance… Bamboo takes over!

    Because bamboo growth rate is so fast, and running bamboo species spread, unless you want to eventually have an ever increasing, large grove of plants you will need some method of control over the growth of your bamboo. Contact us for further information or advice on how best to control or remove menacing bamboo.


    Monkey Business Tree Service have the necessary machinery, equipment and knowledge to professionally remove your out-of-hand bamboo. Regrowth prevention is imperative to eliminate recurring removal, which can be stressful and prove costly in the long term. This bamboo was cut, mulched and stump ground to prevent rhizome regrowth. Our commercial mulchers are equipped with winches, ensuring efficiency and assisting with steep terrain and confined space removals.







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