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  • Tree Removal

    Monkey Business Tree Service are experts when it comes to tree removal services on the Sunshine Coast. Our services combine experienced tree felling methods and professional arborist tree climbing techniques to provide a high quality service and ensuring the safety of your family and your home.

    Tree removal is a last resort and we discourage removal of any trees without good reason. We recommend removal in the following instances:-

    – The tree is a safety hazard (ie. dropping limbs or dying off);
    – Evidence of insect infestation;
    – Rotting or disease;
    – The tree is causing damage to closeby infrastructure such as buildings, pipes, pavements or roads;
    – The tree is to be replaced with a more suitable species;
    Council approved removal for construction purposes.

    Monkey Business Tree Service specialise in confined space tree removal. We utilise professional arborist climbing techniques along with rope and pulley systems to alleviate any damage to surrounding property and infrastructure.

    Tree Removal Sunshine Coast – Call the experts!

    Monkey Business Tree Service own commercial whole tree wood chippers which assist us with providing an efficient service to our customers. You can choose to keep your mulch for the garden, timber sections for firewood or have it removed.

    We pride ourselves on ensuring your property is left in a respectable manner. Following works being undertaken at your home, we will rake up  any foliage and debris then blow the job down to ensure the site is tidy upon completion of any works.